Recent college graduates are more often found relaxing at work and doing other unprofessional activities that don't impress managers, according to a new study.

Texting at work isn't the best way to impress employers, yet 82 percent of college graduates are found texting throughout work hours, according to a study on professionalism in the workplace related in Business Insider.

Despite a competitive job environment, recent graduates are being lax and unprepared for the realities of workplaces. Big mistakes made, besides texting, are that 83 percent of graduates excessively use social media, and 40 percent show up to interviews in inappropriate attire, according to the study by York College of Pennsylvania highlighted in the article.

For the study, human resource professionals were asked to define professionalism. The top qualities they look for are interpersonal skills, appearance, communication skills and time management, the article says.

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