Rick Bowmer, Associated Press
Job seekers stand in line on March 7 during a Career Expo job fair in Portland, Ore. Employers aren't hiring much, which could stem from Europe's financial crisis and the upcoming election.

Economists are no longer blaming warm weather for slow job growth, instead looking at Europe's financial crisis as the reason businesses are holding back on hiring, according to USA Today.

The fact that there are 5 million fewer jobs than when the recession began at the end of 2007 is another reason the economy is continuing a slow process of recovery, according to the article.

Robert Mayfield employs workers at five Dairy Queens and a burger outlet in Austin, Texas, and is waiting for the upcoming election to see how new health care law requirements will affect financial penalties, according to USA Today.

"2012 is beginning to look horribly like 2011 – initial high hopes that the recovery was kicking into high gear, subsequently dashed," said Nigel Gault, chief U.S. economist of IHS Global insight, in the article.