Whose desk is messier?

A new study conducted at San Diego State University and the University of Arizona indicates men’s work spaces contain more bacteria. “Chairs and phones had the highest amount of bacteria, while desktops, keyboards and computer mice had fewer bacteria.”

Reported Kim Carollo at the ABC News, “Previous research found that the opposite is true — women’s offices are more contaminated than men’s, perhaps in part because women use cosmetics and are more likely to store food in their desks.” This new study proves that is no longer so.

Philip Tierno, a microbiology and pathology professor at New York University's Langone Medical Center who was not involved in the study, said one reason for the difference is that men just aren’t as clean as women. “Men tend to be less tidy. They wash their hands less than women and tend to be a little more cavalier about eating from the floor or from other surfaces,” he said. “Also, numerous people touch chairs and phones, but not as many people touch keyboards.”

But don't go running for the hand sanitizer just yet, noted MyHealthNewsDaily.

“Although the findings have an 'ick' factor, bacteria in your office are not necessarily something to worry about," the researchers said. "After all, many bacteria are harmless, and actually help maintain human health.”

Rachel Lowry is a reporter intern for the Deseret News.