Two LDS missionaries wait for a rescue boat on Upa Ula Island.

Missionary adventure: In a scene that could be right out of a missionary adventure from early church history, LDS missionaries in the Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands Mission were stranded with a broken boat and … well I’ll just let these Elders tell the tale:

“We were told to jump off the boat and swim to shore because the boat might flip over so Elder Seu and I did. We made it to shore and sat on a log near shore. We had lifejackets on which helped to keep us warm. We both sat and looked down and wondered, ‘Why is this happening to us?’ But we remembered that all things happen for a reason.

"Realising that the tide was coming in fast, we later moved further up onto land and found a spot to sleep on some broken branches and twigs. We had no fire, no food, no water, no coverage and all throughout the night it was cold and windy and being wet from the sea didn't help. The crew told us that we would look for help in the morning. That was the most uncomfortable sleep we had ever had. The fact that we were wet didn’t help keep us warm throughout the night and our backs were hurting from the pieces of twigs and branches.

"We woke up at 5:30 and walked three hours to the village down the coast. We managed to get some water and food then made our way back to the spot where boat was. At around 10:30 a.m., President (Meliula) Fata arrived and came and hugged us. They were worried why we didn't make it. Then we saw the boat and it had a massive hole in it from being smashed by a log and the inside was all smashed as well. We made it back to Daru safely at 2 p.m.”

Click to see what lessons they learned and check out an additional post for some photos of the whole faith-promoting adventure.

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