A Michigan high school helps students on appearance and writing resumes instead of studying out of books.

How you conduct yourself in a professional environment is what it's about inside one Michigan high school classroom.

What the students wear, whether they're on time and how they interact with other people in an employment skills course at Muskegon High School in Mich. helps their grades instead of being tested on what's in books, according to Michigan Live.

Jessica McGarry, who teaches the class, tries to teach skills such as writing a resume, conducting an interview, team building and communication skills.

"One of her most important tasks, though, is building students' confidence to sell themselves to employers," said the article.

This classroom is looking out for at-risk students. Students considering dropping out or not attending college attend a class that will help them get a job, according to Michigan Live

McGarry's class also takes trips to colleges to help entice students to continue their education. This helped one of her sophomore students decide to pursue a degree, according to Michigan Live.

"The idea is to get them to graduate and then teach them skills to go to college or find a job," McGarry said to Michigan Live. "It makes them want to be here."

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