OGDEN — No criminal charges will be filed against nine Ogden High School cheerleaders accused of hazing.

Weber County Attorney Dee Smith said that while there is a statute that allows for prosecution in hazing incidents, the activity of the teens didn't rise to that level.

"As I reviewed the case, this wasn't a situation I felt warranted criminal charges and bringing them into the criminal justice system," he said.

The nine graduating senior cheerleaders invited 16 incoming cheerleaders to one of their homes for a night of pizza and makeovers on May 4, Ogden School District spokeswoman Donna Corby said. The newcomers ate as planned, but were then blindfolded and taken to Forest Green Park where they were called names, cursed at and covered in ketchup, peanut butter, mustard and flour.

Corby said one girl had a peanut allergy and had an allergic reaction that required the use of her epinephrine pen. Unconfirmed reports alleged that urine was also thrown at the girls and that they were forced to strip before they could be hosed off. When the junior cheerleaders' blindfolds were removed, male students were present.

District officials said there are strict policies in place to prevent hazing and that this incident was classified as a level four offense on a scale of five, prompting the suspension of the nine cheerleaders. Corby said at the time that some of the girls missed their senior prom, but all were expected to walk in their graduation ceremonies.

Emiley Morgan

Twitter: DNewsCrimeTeam