Stuart Johnson, Deseret News
Americans are more willing to move to find a better job opportunity than those in other countries.

About half of Americans move every five years, and their lack of attachment to their neighborhoods has increased their career opportunities compared to people in other developed nations, according to The Wall Street Journal.

In the United States, 33 percent of people reside in a different state than where they were born. This is up from 20 percent in 1900. Whereas in 2005 in Italy, about 83 percent of males 33 years old or younger still lived at home, according to the article.

Because Americans are willing to relocate, they are more likely to move to a state that has better economic mobility instead of becoming unemployed.

"By contrast, Italians and other Europeans tend to stay put. They give up career opportunities and higher salaries to be close to their parents and friends," said WSJ.