Pretty Darn Funny
A shot from "The REAL Hunger Games — Mom vs. Hungry Kids."

Service video: Church-service missionaries are “Happy to Serve” in the bishop's storehouse, as depicted in this new Mormon Messages video. Did you know that, as one missionary explains, “We use 600 to 1,000 hours of volunteer labor, including the church-service missionaries, every month. And we always need more”? Wow! Get a peek inside the bishop's storehouse and at the lives of those volunteers hoping to bless people all over the world. As another says, this “makes me understand the love Heavenly Father has for us.” Beautiful!

Bible video: I don’t know if it was the music or the acting, or what (probably the scriptural story itself), but this new Bible video “Jesus Declares Himself the Messiah” absolutely riveted me by the end. My emotions jumped up and down as I listened to him speak and I worried for his safety as the video closed. Wow. Powerful stuff. Click in to watch and then share with your friends.

Missionary video: I love when missionaries use technology to further the work, so I just had to highlight this “Viejos Video” out of the Spain Barcelona Mission where missionaries answer questions via video about the importance of what they are accomplishing. Questions include: “What do we do in the Spain Barcelona Mission?” “How did you feel when you were called to Spain?” and more. Click in to view these missionaries testifying!

Fun video: For a bit of Friday fun, you just have to check out this riff on The Hunger Games from Pretty Darn Funny. “The REAL Hunger Games — Mom vs. Hungry Kids” is making the rounds on Facebook feeds and it only takes a watch to see why. Enjoy!

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