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Survey help: I love blog discussions and I love opportunities to make suggestions about church programs. So this “Talking About New Era Content + A Survey” is a clear winner with both. The Mormon Mommy Blog editors explain: “The New Era contacted MMB recently and asked us if we would help facilitate a conversation with all of you awesome parents and youth leaders. They want your input and help in starting conversations online, as well as sharing content on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Please take the time to read this post from the managing editor of the New Era and then take the quick survey. By taking the survey you can opt in to be an 'ambassador,' of sorts, for the New Era. This is an excellent opportunity for all of our readers to know what will be the most beneficial content they can share that will then help in starting conversations online.” Awesome! So check out the post and then click into the survey.

Seminary Centennial: One of the latest Mormon Messages YouTube channel videos celebrates the “Seminary Centennial” with stories about how the program began and testimonies about how seminary helps young people get closer to Christ. Share it with your family and friends, especially those contemplating seminary study in the next school year.

Mormon Messages: Speaking of Mormon Messages YouTube videos, Larry Richman points out that there is now a handy “Topic Index of Mormon Messages Videos” that allows users to search by topic, making it easier than ever to find videos to match lessons, family home evenings, scripture study and more!

Virtual tour: I love when bloggers use their blogs in cool ways, like this blogger who decided to make a series of posts that serves as a “Virtual Mormon Temple Tour.” He explains: “Started in the early temple building days of the church, public tours have become traditional for any finished building project. Mass media has made it possible for even more people to experience a temple tour. It may not be the same, but pictures and text can be combined for those who can't physically enter one to get an idea of what a temple is like. Some are surprised there isn't a large cathedral-like space, but smaller rooms. Each has a specific purpose to help the members learn by the Holy Spirit and draw closer to the Lord. This virtual tour is to increase understanding and opportunity for those who would like to know more about an LDS Temple.” Then you follow a string of four posts that do just that. Click in to see and share.

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