Winston Armani, Deseret News
Dr. Bob Wagstaff, inventor of Orabrush, has changed the world of infomercials by turning to YouTube.

Dr. Bob Wagstaff is changing the face of infomercials with his marketing of a tongue scraper invention called Orabrush, according to Wired.

Wagstaff turned to Jeffery Harmon, a marketing MBA student, for help in showcasing the wide-headed tongue scraper. After Harmon's promotional suggestions and help in creating a commercial on YouTube, Wagstaff sold 2.1 million brushes, according to the article.

Wagstaff had previously sold 100 brushes over an eight-year period of infomercials. The video that went viral cost Wagstaff about $500 to produce, compared to the $40,000 cost for a previous TV commercial.

The once-tiny, Utah-based company now sells Orabrush nationally at Walmart.

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