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Author John Bytheway has written a new book titled, "Life Rocks!"

"LIFE ROCKS! How Firm is Your Foundation?" John Bytheway, Deseret Book, $9.99, 120 pages (nf)

Where have you built your life?

That is the question author John Bytheway asks readers to consider in his new pocket-size book, "Life Rocks!"

The message of the book is intended for teenagers but could apply to adults as well. To help readers understand his concept, Bytheway organized his book into five chapters, or "Life Rocks," designed to answer these questions:

  1. My Identity: Who is God, and who am I?
  2. My Savior: Whose am I?
  3. My Standards: What do I believe?
  4. My Purpose: Why am I here, and where am I going?
  5. My Neighbor: Who needs my help?
"I believe that these five Life Rocks, when assembled together, become as one," Bytheway wrote in the introduction. "One very solid, very secure foundation for a wonderful life that will help you get through anything and everything the world can throw at you. In fact, not only will you 'get through' life, you'll find yourself really enjoying the trip!"

Included in the pages are insightful general authority quotes, scripture verses, illustrations and codes with links to bonus talks and videos. Bytheway hopes his young readers come away from this book having learned how to build their lives on a firm foundation.

"We may never meet in this life, but if we do, I hope you'll shake my hand, look me in the eye and say, 'Life Rocks!'"

"Life Rocks!" is available wherever LDS books are sold.

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