SUNSET — State troopers credit quick-thinking bystanders with saving the life of a woman partially ejected from her vehicle in an accident on I-15 in Davis County Friday afternoon.

Utah Highway Patrol said the accident happened on I-15 near 1800 North in the Sunset area when a man driving a truck pulling a camping trailer lost control of the vehicle and it rolled.

A family of three was in the truck at the time of the accident. A woman was flown to a nearby hospital after being partially ejected during the crash. An 11-year-old girl was transported to the hospital via ambulance. The driver did not sustain severe injuries.

Utah Highway Patrol officers said people at the scene helped hold the vehicle off of the woman while waiting for emergency responders.

"The bystanders did a great job, a great service to the community by holding the vehicle up off of her and preventing it from rolling on to her after the accident." Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Ed Michaud said.

Lisa Taylor helped comfort the 11-year-old girl while the father was taking care of her mother by asking the girl about her summer plans to keep her talking.

"(We were) just trying to keep talking to her because we didn't want her to worry about her mom," Taylor said. "I just didn't want the little girl to go up there by herself."

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