A screenshot of the updated Brazil site.

Did you know that the church is in the process of creating international sites matching the updated Fernando Camillo, manager of product awareness in the Curriculum Department, explains that “these new websites contain much of the regular content currently available on the global version, but with additional local information, including messages from the Area Presidency and local news.” I love seeing evidence of the church virtually spreading across the world. Just last week, Brazil was added to the list that also includes the following countries:

You can still find versions for many more countries here, but unlike the ones above, most of these sites still follow the old templates. But updates will be coming soon.

Now let’s discover more posts from the Bloggernacle world:

Power pick: “My 14-year-old firstborn sits in the hairdressers’ chair, all lanky legs and angles. His curls tumble to the floor — a boofy English Sheepdog turning sleek German Pinscher — and his face morphs as I watch. He’s half smiling, the little mouth twitch I know means he’s well pleased. 'Reckon your dad will recognize you?' the hairdresser asks, teasing. 'STOP!' In my head klaxons bellow and lights flare against the danger. 'Don’t ask that!' All emotion is gone. He’s stone-faced, staring a thousand years through the mirror. She doesn’t know what’s happened. That his dad has chosen not to have anything to do with him or his brother anymore. That he hasn’t seen his dad since before Christmas, and his dad didn’t recognize him then either. He shrugs. 'Ugh' he grunts, an acceptable almost-answer. Curls continue to drift and eddy through the air, across the floor. Somehow, grief has tracked us down again and kicked us silent. Grief wears steel-capped boots.” I pretty much just have to point you in the direction of this beautiful, haunting, and amazingly descriptive post about grief. And the comments are just as worthwhile. Whether you’ve experience a little grief, or a lot, this post will touch your very soul.

Techie tip: “Do you have to be super tech savvy to set up a blog?” Of course not. And in this episode of “Tech Savvy: Blogging” Elisa Scharton walks the viewers through setting up their own blog. I pretty much was guaranteed to love this whole episode, due to its blogging theme, and I encourage you to watch it all. Here is another clip to whet your appetite in learning more about the power of blogging. Awesome!

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