SALT LAKE CITY — As the summer recreation season begins, Salt Lake City’s Department of Public Utilities is promoting respect and safety among visitors to City Creek Canyon.

Popular for recreational activities, City Creek Canyon is also a municipal watershed.

New signs in the canyon, designed through an extensive public process, aim to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety. The signs clarify that all uphill road travelers — including cyclists, joggers and walkers — must travel on the creek side of the road. All downhill bicycle travel must take place on the hill side of the road.

In addition to the installation of new signs, roadside vegetation has been trimmed back, culvert drainage has been improved and pavement has been repaired. 

Cyclists are permitted in the canyon on odd-numbered calendar days, while private vehicles are permitted on even-numbered days. Below picnic site 16, dogs are permitted on leashes no longer than 6 feet. Visitors should expect police officers and watershed rangers in the canyon throughout the summer to enforce  regulations, including the 15 mph speed limit for all motorized and non-motorized travel.

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