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Cedar Fort
With simple drawings, mazes, word finds and other games, "My First Book of Mormon Activity Book" can help children learn more about the Book of Mormon.

Here are some recently released books and music for children.

"HOUSE OF THE LORD," by Jason and Rebecca Rasmussen, Deseret Book, $29.99

"House of the Lord" includes more than dozen delightful pop-ups across seven pages, including Solomon's Temple, the Nauvoo Illinois Temple and other modern-day temples.

This book by Jason and Rebecca Rasmussen, who live in Pennsylvania, includes simple text that teaches the history and purpose of temples.

"I BELIEVE IN JESUS TOO," by Mark S. Nielsen, illustrated by Craig Stapley, Deseret Book, $17.99 (age 4-8)

"I Believe in Jesus Too" shows children in several countries going to church and being baptized. And despite differences in language, location and culture, they all believe in Jesus Christ. The vivid color illustrations help bring the locations to life.

"I CAN'T WAIT TO BE EIGHT," by Val Chadwick Bagley, Covenant Communications, $14.99

Because 8 is such a significant age, Val Chadwick Bagley shares the excitement of an 8th birthday, the importance of baptism and the reverence of a confirmation.

It also includes Magic Color pages so when a tab is pulled, the image turns to color.

"WHO IS THIS JESUS?," by Lorie Creek, illustrated by Christopher Creek, Ensign Peak, $17.99

This book includes a dozen paintings of Jesus Christ that have hidden images, including birds, sheep and goats depending on the picture.

Each also includes a simple description of Jesus that is easy for young children to understand. However, finding the images may take some peaking back at the answers (for children of all ages) to get the hang of finding the hidden images in the amazing paintings.

"EMMA HALE SMITH: An Elect Lady," by Ryan Porritt, illustrated by Julie Rogers, Candlelight Media Group, $9.99

This picture book about the life of Emma Smith, the wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith, was originally intended as a keepsake for the posterity of Joseph and Emma during their family reunion. It includes several original paintings and sketches of Emma.

"MY FIRST BOOK OF MORMON ACTIVITY BOOK: 1 Nephi-Alma," by Laura Lee Rostrom, Cedar Fort, $3.99

With simple drawings, mazes, word finds and other games, this activity book can help children learn more about the Book of Mormon.

2012 Primary Theme 'Choose the Right'

"CHOOSE THE RIGHT: Sharing Fun Songs," by Robert C Bowden, Covenant Communications, $14.99

This music CD includes 16 songs and accompaniment tracks, including songs Primary children will be learning this year and some familiar favorites.

"CHOOSE THE RIGHT: Children's Song Sing-Along," by Robert C. Bowden and Jennette Guymon-King, Covenant Communications, $14.99

This DVD has visuals and karaoke-style sing-alongs for 16 songs, including new ones like "As a Child of God," and several familiar ones like "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus." It includes options for both with vocals and without.

"CHOOSE THE RIGHT: A Coloring and Activity Book," by Val Chadwick Bagley, Covenant Communications, $4.99

From connect the dots and coloring pages to multiple choice and true/false questions, this coloring and activity book can help reinforce the Primary theme. It's best for children who can read and write.