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"The Thief" is by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott.

Here are some novels that have crossed our desks recently.


"THE THIEF: An Isaac Bell Adventure," by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott, G.P. Putnam's Sons, $27.95, 408 pages (f)

Two scientists aboard the Mauretania are rescued from abduction by detective Isaac Bell, but aren't so lucky the second time. One of the scientists dies over their new invention that could revolutionize business and popular culture. War is looming and espionage agents can be ruthless. Set in the 20th century.

More hardback books recently released:

"THE DOG WHO DANCED," by Susan Wilson (f): Mack, a gray and black Shetland sheepdog, brings out the best in people, including his owner Justine, who lost her mother at a young age and her father focused more on her stepbrother than her. During a cross country trip, she loses Mack. The dog finds a couple whose daughter committed suicide, and they begin to feel hope after taking Mack in.

Listen to a clip from the audiobook.

Audio clip from "The Dog Who Danced"

"MONDAY MORNINGS," by Dr. Sanjay Gupta (f): Surgeons answer for failings at the Morbidity and Mortality conference. Through the lives of five surgeons, the author, a practicing neurosurgeon, shows how they push their abilities and confront both personal and professional failings, often at M & M conferences.

"BLOWOUT," by Sen. Byron L. Dorgan and David Hagberg (f): This thriller revolves around the country's dependence on oil as a lab researching alternative fuel sources is targeted for an attack, and the sheriff and a journalist are both drawn to the case. Includes strong and some vulgar language.

"THE HOPE VENDETTA," by Scott Mariani (f): In this thriller, Ben Hope has decided to put down his gun, but is convinced to help find his professor friend's daughter, who is a archeologist. He asks his friend to take the case, but is drawn in and finds that a biblical artifact she was working with disappeared as they work to avoid global catastrophe.

"SECRETS OF THE FIRE SEA," by Stephen Hunt (f): In this Victorian-era steampunk novel, Hannah's carefree life on Jago is abruptly ended when her guardian is murdered, apparently for a secret — one that the killer believes was passed along to Hannah.

"THE REEDUCATION OF CHERRY TRUONG," by Aimee Phan (f): Cherry Troung's family escaped from Vietnam and her older brother was later exiled there in disgrace. Years later, Cherry wants him to come back to the U.S., but he's happy in Vietnam, and Cherry works to uncover her family's past and secrets in travels that take her to France, Vietnam and the U.S.

"THE BOOK OF JONAS," by Stephen Dau (f): A former international aid worker pens this novel about a boy from a Muslim country who was rescued by a relief worker and adopted the name Jonas when he comes to the U.S., where he clashes with his adoptive Christian family and is bullied at school. Through therapy with Paul, Jonas is connected with Rose, the mother of the soldier who helped save Jonas, as she continues to look for her missing son.

"RANGE OF GHOSTS," by Elizabeth Bear (f): In the first of the Eternal Sky trilogy, a civil war rages as sons and grandsons compete to lead the empire and Temur flees his uncle's attempts on his life. He teams up with a nomadic tribeswoman, newly made wizards and a tiger woman, and the four of them seek to foil his uncle.

"GOSSIP," by Beth Gutcheon (f): Loviah "Lovie" French, who owns a small high-end shop, is known for having "just the thing" for life's events. Yet, a chilly gulf exists between her two friends from boarding school, Dinah and Avis, from a perceived slight as they try to live their lives.

"THE GOOD FATHER," by Noah Hawley (f): Dr. Paul Allen is the chief of rheumatology at a prestigious hospital. He learns his son from his first marriage has changed his name and is accused of shooting a presidential candidate. Using his skills to diagnose people with conflicting symptoms, he sets out to discover how the son, who was always a good kid, became a college dropout with nihilistic actions.

"CITY OF ROCKS: A Western Story," by Michael Zimmer (f): Joseph Roper is 76 years old and is recounting events in 1879 when he was 17 and found himself tracking the McCandles gang that terrorized Coalville, Idaho.


"PRIZE OF MY HEART," by Lisa Norato, Bethany House, $14.99, 298 pages (f)

Capt. Brogan Talvis returns to Massachusetts in 1815 to find the son his late wife abandoned. He finds the boy adopted by a shipbuilder whose daughter, Lorena Huntley, lovingly cares for the boy. However, each have secrets they aren't willing share, including a growing affection for each other.

But when Lorena is forced on a ship to England against her will, Talvis has to choose between rescuing her and running away with his son.

More paperback books recently released:

"BEING LARA," by Lola Jaye (f): At 8, dark complexioned Lara learns that she was adopted by her fair-skinned London parents. When she's 30, a woman from Nigeria claiming to be her mother finds Lara and forces her face to her past.

"CLAIR DE LUNE," by Jetta Carleton (f): Discovered after author Jetta Carleton's death, this novel is set in 1941 in southwest Missouri where a single young woman, Allen Miles, dreams of being in New York City, where she meets two young men in one of her seminars. When their after-school friendship goes too far, her world is thrown into jeopardy.

"THE WHITE PEARL," by Kate Furnivall (f): Englishwoman Connie and her family have a secure life on a Malaysian rubber plantation in 1941, and they escape from the Japanese invasion on a yacht after capture by pirates.

"THE MESSENGER," by Siri Mitchell (f): Hannah Sunderland, a Quaker, wants to help her twin brother, who has joined in the Colonial army and thrown in jail, but can't as she doesn't have a pass. Jonathan Jones, a Colonial spy, needs help passing notes to the men in the jail. They strike a bargain, but Hannah is conflicted because of her faith.

"MISSING: The Secrets of Crittenden County, Book One," by Shelley Shepard Gray (f): After a man who has been missing from an Amish community turns up dead, the police come in to investigate, and they question his girlfriend and best friend, who both have secrets about the man's final days.

"THIS ISN'T THE SORT OF THING THAT HAPPENS TO SOMEONE LIKE YOU," by Jon McGregor (f): Four short stories — a community searches for a lost child; a man faces a crime he committed when he was 17; a sugar beet crashes through a young woman's windscreen; and a father is arrested when he tries to attend his daughter's school's nativity play.

"FURTHER INTERPRETATIONS OF REAL-LIFE EVENTS," by Kevin Moffett (f): Three short stories — a Civil War re-enactor visits a woman in a retirement home; an immigrant at an amusement park faces a conundrum when he loses a dental crown; and a honeymooning couple is stalled by the dead animal smell in their rental car.

"THE HIDDEN SUN," by J. Lloyd Morgan (f): Princess Eliana is in love with her royal guardian, Rinan, but her husband is to be determined by a competition, although Rinan is forbidden to marry. The country is under threat from a neighboring ruling party, which also threatens Eliana and Rinan's happiness and their country's peace.


"RABBIT RUN," "RABBIT REDUX," "RABBIT IS RICH," "RABBIT AT REST," by John Updike (f); "THE BRIDE'S HOUSE," by Sandra Dallas (f); "SATORI," by Don Winslow (f); "WEST OF HERE," by Jonathan Evison (f); "ATTACHMENTS," by Rainbow Rowell (f)

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