ALTA — Police are searching for a 48-year-old Alta man who's been missing since leaving for a hike Monday afternoon.

Police say Corry Ehlers spoke to his girlfriend on the phone about 3 p.m. Monday and told her he was going on a hike. Nobody has seen or heard from him since, police said. He was reported missing Tuesday afternoon.

"There's about a 23-hour gap that we don't know if he went up the mountain and something happened to him, or if he went up, came down (and) got a ride down into the valley," Unified Police Lt. Justin Hoyal said. "In 23 hours, there are a lot of things that can transpire."

Crews have been searching the Hellgate area west of Alta since Tuesday afternoon.

"On Tuesday, we had the state's helicopter come out to search for him," Hoyal said. "We've had officers that have been up there hiking the trails. We've had ATVs up there. The ski resorts' ski patrols have been up there with dogs. And we've had no sign of him up there. Even speaking to other hikers that have been up there, there's been no sign of him."

Two detectives have been assigned to the case and are trying to look into where Ehlers could of gone or where else he could be, Hoyal said.

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