SALT LAKE CITY — A Salt Lake man was charged Thursday with assaulting a police officer after allegedly evading a citation for riding his bike on the sidewalk.

Steven Sanders, 38, was charged in 3rd District Court with failing to respond to an officer's signal to stop on April 28.

When a police officer attempted to stop Sanders for riding his bike on the sidewalk near 585 S. State and creating a verbal disturbance, he increased his speed and tried to evade the officer, according to charging documents.

Sanders also struck a female pedestrian with his bike, ran two red lights and crossed State, causing oncoming traffic to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting him, the charges state. He also was intoxicated at the time, with a blood-alcohol level of .246, according to the charges.

Sanders has been charged with third-degree felony counts of assault by a prisoner and failure to respond to an officer's signal to stop. He also faces single counts of assault against a peace officer, a class A misdemeanor; interference with an arresting officer, a class B misdemeanor; and intoxication, a class C misdemeanor.

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