Life gets busy and time passes so quickly. Then suddenly, reality hits as life slaps you in the face.

I woke up fat.

OK, so obviously I did not just go to bed one night skinny and healthy and wake up the next morning fat and flabby. But sometimes, life gets busy and time passes so quickly. Then suddenly, reality hits as life slaps you in the face.

A few years ago we bought a Wii Fit. I stood there on the board, waiting for my measurments to appear. I was terrified of the number about to appear on the screen. My Wii character plumped up. "That's obese," it shouted. Obese, well that doesn't feel good.

The truth doesn't feel good sometimes.

This type of reality can hit you in different ways. Maybe you have to buy bigger jeans, again. Maybe you sit on a plastic chair at the family barbecue and it breaks. Maybe your kid draws a picture of you and tells you how proud he is because he remembered to draw the round belly part.

However you get to your wake-up call, there comes a point when you have to change — and change is hard.

If you get to this point, as I did, use it. Use those feelings to motivate you. If you ignore those nagging feelings too long, eventually they will go away and you will slip back into rationalizing and ignoring.

So you've faced reality. What's next?

Time to get to work.

Make a plan, and stick to the plan. Make working out part of your daily routine just like brushing your teeth. There's no way I would go to bed without brushing my teeth; working out has to become just as normal and important.

Decide before. My workouts are all planned and on a calendar. The fewer choices I have to make the less likely I am to talk myself out of it.

Eat lots of healthy food, but allow yourself treats once in a while. I won't last very long if I completely deny myself all the "good" stuff. If it were a perfect world and I didn't have a food addiction, I could say I would never eat sugar again. But this is not a perfect world and I love eating. Be realistic.

Have a team of friends and family to support you and work out with you. Zumba is so much more fun with my sister-in-law shakin' it next to me. Friends will make it harder to back out of plans, too.

Keep a journal of what you eat, how much you work out, how much you lose. I am less likely to eat junk food if I know I have to 'fess up to it and write it down.

Go for it! Don't wait for a Monday. Don't wait for the first day of a new month. Don't wait to get a new sports bra. Don't wait for the morning you magically wake up at 5 a.m. full of energy. Just do it. I work out at different times everyday. My schedule is always busy and always changing. Life is never going to create the perfect opportunity to get in shape. You just have to jump in and make it work.

Try new things. Friday night has always been pizza night. Now, my pizza is homemade on a tortilla with spinach on top.

Don't give up. Sometimes my weight goes back up a little. Sometimes it gets stuck. I just have to keep working, keep moving, keep believing.

Take it a day at a time. If I feel myself getting depressed or discouraged I try to remember the progress I've made. I try to keep my goal in mind.

Change is not easy, but I know when I get on the other side of this journey and I am healthier and happier with myself, it will be worth it.

Jessica Wilson has done the wife thing for 10, the mom thing for 9, the teacher thing for 14, and the crazy thing for 30! Find her at [email protected]