Fernando Camillo
A photo from the Bible Videos set in Goshen, Utah.

On set: What it would be like to visit the “Bible Videos Jerusalem Movie Set”? Guest blogger Fernando Camillo provides a virtual visit with this article/photo essay. Here is a taste: “The large set feels more like a miniature Jerusalem than an actual movie set. Everything in it was so carefully designed and crafted that at times I felt like I had not only been transported to the ancient land but also traveled 2,000 years back in time. Although the set was not dressed for shooting, it was still impressive. The unmistakable scent of manure was a constant reminder that you were certainly not in Jerusalem, but it definitely didn’t detract from the experience. Everything from doorknobs to staircases was masterfully built to reproduce the Holy Land perfectly. Wood columns made of Styrofoam and fiberglass-covered props easily fooled the eye. In fact, much of the set didn’t seem fake to the touch either. Everywhere you looked was picture perfect and undoubtedly a cinematographer’s dream.”

Cleaning up: Now for a photo essay from the LDS Newsroom blog depicting “Mormon Helping Hands Assist in Maryland Park Cleanup.” I have to say, the ones of the children working hard and helping out are my favorite photos. Check it out!

Friday fun: This last photo essay is better described as a drawing essay. Have you ever heard of the “Prayer Fight”? You know, when your children pray about their grievances with each other…out loud so their siblings can hear. This stick-drawn illustrated post totally made me giggle. Enjoy!

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