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Disney Pearl Artists
"The Man with the Beautiful Voice," Nathan Pacheco, has a PBS special coming, a debut solo album and a concert tour.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — It may be possible to hide a bad day in some professions, but a vocalist has to be feeling good if he's going to sing his best.

Just ask Nathan Pacheco, who is currently tagged as "the man with the beautiful voice" by pop/opera music fans and critics. He knows he can't get away with anything less than a stellar performance every time he steps up to a microphone, even when he's working a night-after-night schedule.

It's critical that he stays healthy in mind and spirit. His wife and his Mormon faith help with that.

"I married my sweetheart right after the 'Voices' tour," Pacheco said in a recent telephone interview. "She helps keep me grounded. She takes good care of me, and my (LDS) faith certainly plays a role. It helps me stay balanced."

"It certainly don't think it's restricting me," he continued. "I get a few awkward looks when people realize I'm a Mormon, but I personally think that it helps me."

Pacheco's star is rising, jumpstarted when he was invited to sing as one of the four featured vocalists on the "Voices" tour with Yanni in 2009 throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The remarkable tenor voice of this 2005 BYU vocal performance graduate has put him in front of Prince Charles at the British Embassy in Washington D.C., bought him a place with Disney as one of its Pearl artists, and opened up a solo career for him.

Pacheco has been featured on several national television broadcasts, including two PBS television specials and the ABC/Disney Parks Christmas Parade. He has a seven-city solo concert tour lined up for late fall that includes a stop in Salt Lake City in November.

His four-song EP is being released exclusively on Amazon this month followed by the full album release scheduled for September, including "Don't Cry," a song dedicated to hoping when it appears hopeless, and "Infinito Amore," a tender love song. Pacheco co-wrote both songs.

"The art of expression in general is so appealing to me. That's what I feel when I write music," he said.

Pacheco is thrilled and pleasantly surprised at how everything has lined up.

"Leo-Z, the producer of my album, and I started working together after the 'Voices' tour and have been working nonstop on new songs," he said.

Pacheco is careful to pick songs for his voice that are classical but unique, like the aria "Nessun Dorma." He also writes original songs and blends pop warmth with classic beauty.

"I've written all along. I've actually loved writing for quite a few years. I took some of Yanni's melodies and wrote lyrics for them for the 'Voices' tour," he explained.

Pacheco feels good right now about his voice and his vocal strength, something that he's careful to protect and nurture.

"In opera, unless the voice is right on, the songs don't sound as good. Some days, I have to take it easy. Some days I can do more than on others."

Pacheco noticed the high-altitude challenge when he first came back to Utah. "Everything with singing is related to breath control," he explained. "It's a tricky thing. There's no scientific formula to count on. It's something so vulnerable and it's hard to fake it."

Currently, he's feeling great and incredibly energized about the direction his career is going. He's happy with his marriage, his God and the amazing opportunities coming his way.

"It's so fun," he said.

For more information on his career and tour dates, including the “Making of Nessun Dorma” video, visit NathanPacheco.com.

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