SALT LAKE CITY — A suspect accused of leading police on a high-speed chase was arrested at his family's home Wednesday night.

John Samora, 21, the alleged driver of a 1990 Lincoln Towncar who tried to run officers down, was arrested by officers of the Unified Police Department after multiple law enforcement agencies had been looking for him since the weekend.

"We've been following up some tips on where John Samora has been staying," Sgt. Andrew Jackson said. "Those tips led us here to this house nad ultimateley we were able to find him."

John Samora was taken into custody without incident in the area of 1200 West and 500 South.

Samora's Brother, Fernando Samora, was visibly upset at his brothers' arrest and said that his brother "is not a dangerous person."

"They make him out to be a killer and it's not even what they make it seem," Fernando Samora said. "He fears for his life like anybody else would, it's either fight or flight, and he ran like anybody else would that has a gun pulled on him."

John Samora led police on a high speed chase through Kearns on May 19, according to police. Police found his vehicle in a parking lot, but when officers approached the driver, believed to have been John Samora, pulled the car out of the parking spot and attempted to strike the officers. One officer fired a shot at the driver.

Taylorsville Police Deparment saw the car fleeing and attempted to stop the car. John Samora led the officers on a high-speed chase until it was called off for public safety because the suspect was going through red lights at 70 mph.

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