PARK CITY — About 100 fish are dead in a Park City pond and investigators are trying to figure out why.

Park City Fire Department said the initial investigation was inconclusive and the case is now with the Park City Police Department and the Department of Natural Resources.

"We're not sure if they passed due to oxygen deprivation when the water came in and stirred up the silt … or a fence bordering the golf course had also been freshly linseed oiled," Captain Scott Rapshus, on-duty battalion chief said.

The cause of the fish kill remained unknown, but at least one resident of Thaynes Canyon subdivision said people need to watch what is being put into the water.

"People, don't put your stuff in the water," Shan Ingleby, a resident in the neighborhood said. "What you put in goes downstream. It's not only our pond is dead. There are a handful of other ponds below us that everything is dead."

The pond is located on Hidden Court in the Thayne Canyon subdivision.

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