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View the newest Mormon Messages video "Words with Friends."

Friendly words: The newest Mormon Messages video “Words with Friends” begins at a lunch with friends who are talking about life. As Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve narrates, viewers start to hear important scriptural lessons as friends are chatting. And while I don’t want to ruin the clever ending, let’s just say that forging a relationship with the scriptures can be very satisfying. Click in to view. Oh, and bonus points for whomever thought of that fun title.

London Temple: There are a lot of Mormon urban legends, but the one about whether or not the site of the London England Temple is “In the Domesday Book…or Not?” is one for the history books. Literally. This researcher went scouring through history books to see if there was truth to the claim of the temple grounds being recorded in a medieval land survey. And guess what? Well, I don’t want to ruin it for you, but it’s a pretty exciting find. Click in to learn more.

Bishop's wife: Jody England Hansen writes, Several of my friends are using my blog about becoming a bishop's wife to help members and non-members understand the calling process, and how lay ministry works.” And with a few explanations and personal experiences, she describes the process of becoming “The Bishop’s Wife.” For example: “While I was consulted extensively, there is no formal calling for me as bishop's wife. No instruction manual at all. That does not necessarily put me at a disadvantage. Mike has several manuals and lots of training available on But he still has a deer-in-the-headlights look of 'I have no idea how to do this.' I get to rely completely on prayer and promptings. He has that...along with all the instructions swirling around in his head.” Check out the entire essay.

Napoleon Dynamite: Like the "Napoleon Dynamite" movie? Wondered what it would be like to send him (or in this case, her) out visiting teaching? Of course you haven’t, but that doesn’t mean that these creative Mormons didn’t think of that and then go out and make a fun little movie. Click in to watch “Napoliette Dynamite — A Mormon Parody of Napoleon Dynamite” to see what happens next!

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