Jonathan and Mary Hagmaier probably didn't know that their marriage would lead to starting a successful business years later.

Looking for a spouse could also mean looking for a business partner, or at least it did for Jonathan and Mary Hagmaier, according to The Washington Post.

The Haigmaiers, founders of Interactive Achievement, were able to take both of their studies to create a business. Jonathan Haigmaier studied teaching while Mary Haigmaier learned all about entrepreneurialship, according to the article.

"I kind of learned from her, that's where I developed some of my business sense," Jonathan Haigmaier said about his wife to the Washington Post. "She brought that to the table, and I just started learning from watching her go through that process."

Interactive Achievement is now aiding thousands of teachers to learn instantly where their students need help, the Washington Post said. More than half of the 44 employees are former teachers that work part time for Interactive Achievement.

The company has reached about 780 schools in Virginia, Tennessee and South Carolina. The software allows instructors to create tests and then analyzes each student's performance. The teacher is then able to know exactly where the student's strengths and weakness are in each subject, according to the article.