Mormon Messages videos
George Patrick O'Neal works to rescue birds and souls.

Mormon Message: “There are people out there like the birds out there who need my help.” So states professional bird rescuer George Patrick O’Neal in this beautiful new Mormon Messages video about the importance of “Rescuing Others.” After testifying about the power of inviting others to church and the power of change, he concludes, “It brings me joy knowing that I’m doing what Christ asks me to.”

Historic day: “On 20 May 1969, Elder Marion G. Romney met with a small group of Latter-day Saints in Casa de Campo park outside of Madrid and dedicated Spain for the preaching of the gospel.” That was “An Historic Day” and this weekend marked its 43rd anniversary with another historic day in church growth in the Spain Barcelona Mission. Click in to see what important event occurred!

Bible Video: Why do people need to be born again? This simple question is put to Jesus in the New Testament, and now is depicted in the newest Bible Video: “Jesus Teaches Nicodemus about Being Born Again.” As one commenter explains: “It's easy to read passages like this in the scriptures quickly and without thinking too much, but hearing them spoken this way helps you think about individual phrases and ponder the meaning of the whole a little more carefully.” Click in to view, and then click again to share.”

Art competition: Attention young artists, the deadline for submitting your artwork for the “International Art Competition: Youth” is fast approaching. In fact, it is June 1. So as the theme declares “Arise and Shine Forth” your wonderful artistic talent. Find more info at the link above.

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