SALT LAKE CITY — Technology entrepreneur James Lee Sorenson has been chosen as the newest inductee for the David Eccles School of Business Hall of Fame at the University of Utah.   

Sorenson is the 28th such honoree of the school. He founded Sorenson Media in 2000, laying the foundation for the online video industry by developing the technology that helped enable Apple QuickTime, Adobe Flash and YouTube to gain global prominence. In 2003, Sorenson created Sorenson Communications, a video relay service that transformed communication between deaf and hearing individuals. Sorenson sold the company to GTCR in 2005.   

Over the past 35 years, Sorenson has built an array of industrial, commercial, residential, office and retail real estate holdings. In 2009, he led a team that acquired a $701 million structured portfolio of FDIC commercial real estate loans. In addition, he co-founded Sorenson Capital, a mid-market private equity firm, which has raised more than $650 million to invest in companies. He also served as chairman of MediConnect Global prior to its sale for $377 million in March 2012.   

He is the founder of the Sorenson Impact Foundation and the James Lee Sorenson Family Foundation, and serves on the boards of a number of charitable and community organizations.