Dan Lund, Deseret News
Matt Widner, 11, tries to dribble the ball between his mom Suzy and dad Mark while playing soccer in the backyard. Parents spend more $5 billion to keep kids across the country playing in sports.

A sports-playing child will cost parents more than they think, according to Marketplace.

From uniforms to gas to hotels, being a "soccer mom" could put a dent in finances. About $5 billion dollars are spent to keep kids across the country playing in organized sports. If the child is playing hockey, parents could spend about $10,000 to $15,000 annually, reports Marketplace.

However, the desire to be involved usually stems from parents rather than children, as 75 percent of kids drop out of organized sports by age 13, according to the article.

"It really speaks to our vulnerability as parents, because it's very difficult," writes Mark Hyman in his book "The Most Expensive Game in Town," according to Marketplace. "When you see the child across the street signed up for the soccer clinic at age 3, it takes some discipline as a parent to make the decision that it's just not the right time for my child. You don't want your child to fall behind."

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