LAYTON — The daughters of Utah Pioneers have dedicated a new historical marker at Layton Elementary School.

The Adams’ Wood Camp of the DUP dedicated the monument on the northwest corner of the school following a ceremony with students in the school auditorium.

Second Vice Capt. Mary Ann Bundy said the marker at Layton Elementary is the fifth in Layton. She challenged students to find the other four to learn a little bit more about their city.

The early schools in Layton were small compared to today's schools, Bundy said. Those one-room schoolhouses had log walls, thatched roofs and dirt floors. Students brought their own lunch and teachers were paid with flour, bacon, produce and other commodities.

Bundy said she attended elementary school in the original two-story Layton Elementary building.

“Not too fancy,” Bundy said. “And for the very, very first lunches, parents brought produce out of their gardens to make soup.”

Davis School District Superintendent W. Bryan Bowles said he enjoys learning about his own history. He even remembers playing on the old Layton Elementary school playground.

“Thank you, Daughters of Utah Pioneers for reminding me of that heritage and of that background,” Bowles said. “And for reminding me that I connect with something more than just me.”

Layton Mayor Steve Curtis told the students that they are also pioneers. He said they are making history with their use of technology and other historic efforts.