Alex Boye and Carmen Rasmusen Herbert collaborate on a Mormon Helping Hands music video.

Service to others is essential to living a Christian life. Anytime, anyplace, we should be looking for opportunities to lift another and lighten someone’s burden. But when it’s a collective effort — where masses of people from a variety of religious, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds come together to serve, united in a common cause — it’s amazing. I saw this happen when we lived in Atlanta, and it was gratifying to see many Mormon Helping Hands reaching out to serve their communities with their neighbors.

This Sunday, on our May 20 edition of "Mormon Times TV," we’ll show you what happened when members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in California joined with others of other faiths in a massive volunteer effort. And, in conjunction with that project, recording artists Alex Boye and Carmen Rasmusen Herbert will be in the studio with their new duet, “Have I Done Any Good?” It's not quite what you’re used to when you sing it in church on Sundays.

Family members of little Paxton Norton say they’ve come to learn a lot about service. The life challenges of this baby came to our attention during April general conference. Elder Ronald A. Rasband, of the presidency of the Seventy, talked about his special grandson who was born with a chromosomal disorder that literally makes him one in hundreds of millions. You’ll see how this tiny child has touched and changed many hearts.

Lives are changing in Latin America, thanks to Cause For Hope. The organization focuses on teaching self-reliance, and the concept of mentoring is key to its success. You’ll see how this job and monetary training is helping put more food on the table and more missionaries in the field.

It was a place where the LDS population was once forced out. Now — 175 years later — the persecution is gone, and a new temple stands as a symbol of healing in Missouri. You’ll hear reaction from the members there.

And what’s the best way to parent when your children grow up and leave home? Parenting experts Linda and Richard Eyre have suggestions for the empty nesters in making it through this often tough transition.

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