Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Lone Peak's Talon Shumway runs by Highland's Wil Nielson in Salt Lake City Friday, Sept. 9, 2011.
It's absolutely the perfect place for me in every way from how they play football to the school and the social environment. Everything is perfect there. —Talon Shumway

HIGHLAND — Lone Peak’s Talon Shumway didn’t want to go to BYU when he first was offered a scholarship last summer by the football program, but not for the typical reasons.

In fact, Shumway has always liked most everything about BYU from its coaches, its unique environment and all of its tradition. Add to the fact that his father went to BYU and one would think his commit would be a shoo-in, but that very much wasn’t the case.

Without providing specifics, Shumway doesn’t have the best relationship with his father and was bound and determined not to follow his father’s lead in accepting BYU’s offer.

In the end, BYU won out with Shumway informing coaches on Monday that he would sign a letter of intent with the program.

“BYU just kept on growing on me and really came on strong,” Shumway said about his commitment. “It’s absolutely the perfect place for me in every way from how they play football to the school and the social environment. Everything is perfect there. I came to realize that it wasn’t important that my father went there and I wasn’t going to let that keep me away from the school that I knew was perfect for me.”

Shumway is a 6-foot-3, 190-pound athlete who has played a variety of positions for the Knights. He’ll most likely end up playing at receiver, where he’ll be coached by BYU coach Ben Cahoon.

“Coach Cahoon might have been the biggest thing for me in making my decision,” said Shumway. “Being around him, watching how he coaches and just talking to him — that’s the coach I want to play for and the coach that I know will best help me reach my potential.”

Cahoon wasn’t alone in forging a strong relationship with Shumway, however.

“I really got to know Bronco and really got to be comfortable around him,” he said. “He has a great way of talking to you, and I’ve really built a great relationship with him since BYU first offered. I love the program he’s built and all of its ideals.”

Shumway had options with offers from both Utah and Utah State. While both programs held some allure, he didn’t feel that they offered the complete package for him as a player and as a student.

“I just didn’t feel as wanted at Utah, but Utah State — they came on strong at the end,” said Shumway. “I really like Coach Andersen and what they’re doing up there, so I really thought hard about going up there to play.”

Deciding where to play football wasn’t the only decision Shumway had to make. As a two-year starter for the two-time state champion Lone Peak basketball team, he could very well have played on the hardcourt in college.

BYU coach Dave Rose noted his basketball ability early — offering him a scholarship almost immediately after Mendenhall offered. It was an offer Shumway considered.

“About two months ago I decided that football was what I needed to play in college, but it wasn’t an easy decision,” said Shumway. “I love basketball, and both Nick (Emery) and TJ (Haws) are guys I’m very close with and would love playing with them at BYU, but we’ll be going there together.”

Shumway has plans to leave for a planned LDS mission straight out of high school, so it will be awhile before fans see him contributing to the team.

“That’s a tough thing, but a mission is something I’ve always wanted to do, so that’s my first priority after I graduate,” said Shumway. “I’m very excited to have the opportunity to attend a school that offers me everything I could hope for. BYU is the whole package.”

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