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Screenshot from the new LDS Addiction Recovery Program website.

“Addictions are the source of so much pain for thousands of people. It is awesome to know that recovery is possible and that the other side of addiction is a beautiful place.” So explains Larry Richman in introducing the new LDS Addiction Recovery Program website, one of the newest resources from

When clicking in, one is met with a stunning testimony from a recovering drug user and alcoholic named Rod. It’s full of sad experience, strong testimony and lots of hope. I love the end: “My name is Rod, and I’ve been clean and sober for 23 and a half years.”

Looking to the sidebar, you find some handy and important resources such as a “Meeting Locator,” along with assistance for those struggling with addiction and for individuals wanting to help them, such as family, friends and church leaders. To summarize the helps found on the LDS Addiction Recovery Program website, Richman indicates that there are:

Help for individuals trying to overcome addictions with alcohol, drugs, pornography, sex and other kinds of addictions.

Information for family, friends and church leaders on how to support loved ones.

Information about the LDS Church’s Addiction Recovery Program.

Addiction Recovery meeting times and addresses.

Addiction Recovery Manual (free download as a PDF).

Watch for more information to be added as well as more stories of hope and healing. What an incredible source that needs to be shared to anyone looking for help.

Now let’s find other important posts from the last week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: Bloggernacle pillar Steve Evans explains to the Washington Post audience how Mitt Romney’s mission to France contributed to his leadership skills and experience. Please read the whole essay, “Man on a Mission: Mitt Romney in France,” but to whet your appetite: “Romney’s detractors have made an effort to paint him as out-of-touch, a rich man who has never known what it’s like to work and live like an ordinary person. But during his time in France, Romney led a simple and poor existence. He had a reputation for working doggedly, for setting and achieving high goals for handing out leaflets or distributing copies of Le Livre de Mormon. He experienced physical pain and tragedy following a devastating car accident. And while the other 62 years of his life may have watered down the memories of his time in France, Mitt Romney likely spent most of his mission with the indigent, the elderly, the mentally ill and the desperate. These are the key demographics for door-to-door missionaries, and as a full-time student of Jesus Christ, Romney would have learned a great deal about caring for the needy.” Fascinating.

Techie tip: I love when technology combines with something cool — in this case, scripture study. And so today I present some downloadable (and free!) books that you can use to aid in your study of the scriptures. First check out the Salt Press site for books from various Bloggernacle writers, including “Reading Nephi Reading Isaiah: 2 Nephi 26-27” and “An Experiment on the Word: Reading Alma 32” and “An Other Testament: on Typology. Each is in downloadable PDF format. Or check out this blog post called “Studying the Scriptures: Tips for Effective Study” that also includes “Getting More from the Scriptures: Techniques and Projects for Effective Scripture Study.” Wow! Click. Download. Learn.

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