Richard Drew, Associate Press
A board on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange shows the Down Jones Industrial average as it crosses 13,000, shortly after the market opened. Boards likes these are being used by students at a Baltimore high school.

A Baltimore school is turning a classroom into a small-scale stock exchange to help students understand finance and receive real world interaction, according to Carroll County Times.

Randallstown High School's classroom will include a television, data board and stock ticker board. The boards will show the most up-to-date information concerning stock prices and financial programs. Students can use this information for Randallstown's Academy of Finance and other financial literacy, planning and business classes.

Financial classes are now a requirement in Maryland schools, said Patricia France, the school's Business Education and Family Studies chairwoman, in the Carroll County Times. Students will be able to use this information of how to invest during and after college, France added,

"Many students come out with debt, they'll learn about investing and how to read stock quotes. They really need to know how to manage their money," France said to Carroll County Times.

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