Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
Sixth grader Hannah Gilbert gives her dad, Scott Gilbert, a kiss. Dads are becoming more involved in their children's lives since 2002, according to the Wall Street Journal.

More dads are changing their role from the stereotypical breadwinner to being more involved with their kids, according to the Wall Street Journal.

About 32 percent of fathers regularly care for their children under age 15 while their wives work, according to data from the U.S Census Bureau. This number is up from 26 percent in 2002, the WSJ reported.

"Fathers are no longer seen as just providers or occasional babysitters, but as actively engaged in their children's emotional and daily lives, down to their routine care," says Lauren Rinelli McClain, an assistant professor of sociology at Savannah State University, told the newspaper.

However, studies show that "there's only so much one guy can do," said the article. Men are struggling to find the balance between work, their children and their marriage. This is the same struggle women were beginning to have in the 1970s when women became more involved in the workforce, according to the article.