LDSTech work: Did you know that from 2009 to 2010, “Every two minutes someone was baptized?” And “Every 24 hours, a new chapel was constructed?” Wow.

So said Blaine Maxfield, chief information officer for the LDS church, who explained how technology can aid in this rapid church growth. He stressed how technology “plays a role in our effort to ‘hasten the work,’ a theme used in ICS to guide the department’s purpose.”

Maxfield also “illustrated this theme with several examples. One LDSTech project involved creating a mobile application that allows senior missionary couples working in developing countries to pinpoint the location of clean water projects and update their water status. The end result of this app is that thousands of individuals can have cleaner water. This is just one example of how technology is helping build the kingdom.” Wow! Click in to learn more from "Hasten the Work" — Summary of Blaine Maxfield's LDSTech Conference Keynote.”

Blogging tips: I love lists and I love blogging so when these come together, hooray. This list of “10 Blogging Tips” includes such advice as “Keep it short, or break it up into smaller posts. At first, most of your readers are bloggers and they don't have much time to read, but they usually want to visit your blog and leave a comment in hopes you will do the same. Less is more.” And “Use photos — it's a visual world. Use your own or those that have no copyright or they have "CC" (Creative Commons). Sometimes it will say that you must give attribution. If so, do so.” Click in for the other eight great tips.

Visiting teaching: Looking for a nice handout to accompany your hand-picked general conference message this month? Well look no further than this “May 2012 Visiting Teaching Handout” that incorporates some important messages framing a beautiful black-and-white picture of Jesus Christ. Beautiful!

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