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Jack Price who might have found Corbin Anderson's body.

OGDEN — After weeks of searching, the body of a young boy was recovered Sunday from the Weber River.

The victim is believed to be 4-year-old Corbin Anderson, who went missing on April 28 after falling into the river, but Ogden Police Lt. Scott Conley said the boy's identity would need to be confirmed by a medical examiner. The victim's age, appearance and clothing matched the description of Corbin given to police by his family. 

"We're 99 percent sure it's him," Conley said.

Conley said the body was found approximately one-half mile downstream from where Corbin entered the river. The body was stuck beneath a tree, with the head and one arm visible about six inches beneath the water, he said.

Jack Price, who located the body, said he felt compelled on Sunday to go to the river and look for the boy. He said he wanted to honor the memory of his mother by helping Corbin's mom find closure on Mother's Day.

"I've got a 6-year-old son," Price said. "It would have broke my heart and I can't imagine what they are going through. It has to be terrible."

Conley said finding the body on Mother's Day was "bitter-sweet" and hoped it would bring closure to the Anderson family. A memorial for Corbin was held Saturday in Layton.

Rescue crews initiated an extensive search after Corbin went missing, using divers and diverting water in an attempt to find the boy. Many community volunteers, like Price, also spent time walking along the banks of the river. 

"The community has been so supportive," Corbin's aunt Michelle Faamausili said at the memorial. "I mean, so many people have been searching who aren't even with the rescue crews that just wanted to go out."

Conley said Corbin's family had been notified that a body had been found. He said they were not asked to identify the body due to its condition.

Benjamin Wood