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Family photo
Corbin Anderson
It's our little boy, and even though we don't have a body, we have our memories. We have our family. —Courtney Anderson, aunt

LAYTON — It's hard for people to be in a place no one really wanted to be, even though they wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Because, by being here and talking about all the memories, it meant 4-year-old Corbin Anderson was really gone.

"I think it's kind of a memorial and a thank you for everything that everyone has done," said Michelle Faamausili, Corbin’s aunt.

Anderson has been missing since April 28, when he fell into the Weber River in Ogden while taking family pictures.

Rescue crews have been searching for him ever since, doing everything they can, but he's either stuck under large rocks beneath the rushing pools of water, or his body is further down the river.

Still, his family wanted to hold this memorial.

"It's our little boy, and even though we don't have a body, we have our memories,” said Courtney Anderson, another one of Corbin’s aunts. “We have our family."

The service was held at Lindquist’s Mortuary in Layton, where many people came to offer the prayers and sorrows to the family.

Many of those who attended don’t know the family, but they were involved in walking the banks of the Weber River looking for him.

"The community has been so supportive. I mean, so many people have been searching who aren't even with the rescue crews that just wanted to go out,” said Faamausili.

“I guess it’s been kind of overwhelming, all the support and all,” said Anderson, “but we are so grateful and our hearts are full.”

The family said the search will continue, and will always continue, until his body is found. “We’re not giving up by any means,” said Faamausili, “we’re still very hopeful he’s found, and we think he will be eventually.”

“We all miss him,” said Anderson, “He was so silly. He barked like a dog. He played with the family, and he gets grandpa to do anything he wants. He's everything to us."

Which is why finding him is so important. Yes, the family would like some sort of closure, but for those who never knew little Corbin, maybe they see a little bit of their own children in him.

"I think everybody realizes it can happen to anybody, and I think everybody is holding their kids a little bit tighter than they did before this happened,” said Faamausili.

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