WEST VALLEY CITY — Traffic studies are under way along six roadways to help the city determine how it can better coordinate traffic lights and improve travel times for motorists traveling the speed limits.

"We identified three main corridors and then three secondary corridors we wanted to have done," West Valley City transportation engineer Erik Brondum said.

The studies are being conducted along 4100 South, 3100 South, 2700 West, 3200 West, 4800 West and Parkway Boulevard. Brondum said the city has made changes along sections of 4100 South. 

"In the case of 4100 South, a couple years ago we actually went through and we did do a timing plan," he said. "It actually did improve the travel time significantly."

Brondum said the study was very labor intensive and securing funding to collect the data was difficult. But once the studies are done, the followup is much simpler.

"Once we get these timing plans in there, keeping them up to date is a matter of doing some observation every year or two," Brondum said.

The timing patterns along the six corridors are expected to be implemented in late July or early August.

"I wouldn't be surprised if we saw anywhere between a 15 to 30 percent improvement in travel time," Brondum said.

Reducing drive and idle time would also help reduce emissions and improve air quality.

Paul Nelson