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As America's political season grows ever more intense, with a Mormon presidential candidate at its epicenter, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is once again — albeit in a very unique way — emphasizing its long-standing position of political neutrality.

"The church's mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, not to elect politicians," begins the official statement on political neutrality that is prominently placed on the church's Newsroom website. "The Church … is neutral in matters of party politics. This applies in all of the many nations in which it is established."

The statement is not new. It has been re-issued numerous times through the years as a reminder to members, political parties and the media of the church's position with regards to partisan politics. What is new is the statement is now joined on the website by a whiteboard animation that provides an illustrative explanation of the church's position of neutrality.

"In an Internet age many people prefer a more immediate way to view and learn about topics and issues of the day than simply reading text," writes Buddy Blankenfeld in a Newsroom blog post about the animation. "A whiteboard animation can turn complex or abstract issues and ideas into a novel experience for the viewer."

In the animation, viewers see an artist's hand quickly sketching a series of drawings that illustrate all the points made in the official statement as a narrator explains what LDS political neutrality means for the church and for its members. To see the animation visit YouTube.