Pictured is a flowery example of using a printable Mother's Day gift tag.

Mother’s Day approaches this next Sunday, and the ever-growing Mormon blog world has ideas for gifts and treats along with some beautiful words about and for mothers.

I love that the blogging platform allows for beautiful public recognition of one’s mother — like this blogger who writes a whole post on “Thanking Mom.” Now his words can reach far and wide. This is just another example of how blogging can be just marvelous.

And this blogger is taking the whole month to highlight “Mothers in May.” So far, she has a beautiful essay on “Mary (mother of Christ)" and testifies that “I’m grateful for the humble faith and obedience of Mary who had the courage to be the Mother of the Savior.” She also includes a handy little study guide to let you “Study more about Mary yourself. … Take time to really ponder her role as a mother and how you can learn from her example.” Awesome.

Now for some creative gift ideas: Need a treat idea? Try these darling “Mother’s Day Treat Tags” accompanying some “Hugs” and “Kisses.” Or for an easy craft, how about printing out one of these printables highlighting words from our apostles and prophets? Or check out how this blogger uses the words from a Mother’s Day-themed Primary song to make another cute and printable treat tag. And finally, has printable tags, a Subway printable and even two delightful printable questionnaires titled “All About my Grandma” and “All About my Mom.” So cute. And did I mention it’s so easy? Click. Print. Give.

Now let’s find other lovely posts from the last week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: “Now, each Mother’s Day, I do not worry about whether or not my kids will remember, I don’t consider all I have lost, I do not dwell on not having a mother involved in my life and I don’t think about my inadequacies. I think about standing straight and tall and polishing my armor and fighting for the divine in all women. I think about saving and healing souls.”

Oh, this is a powerful blog post that is all about “Celebrating Motherhood,” but maybe not in the way you are used to. This blogger articulates some of the reasons she has difficulty with Mother’s Day, but then marvelously explains “I think of the May I had a miscarriage. I think of my first Mother’s Day after I lost my Joy. I think of all the women who are unable to carry children. I think of mothers with wayward children. I think of so much of the heartaches Mother’s Day can bring to the surface. Understanding what a mother is has helped me to find joy on this day. … Mother’s Day is not merely a time to remember those who bear children, but a celebration of the essence of who we are as women.” Please click in to read.

Techie tip: Did you know that the “Friend Magazine website (has been) Upgraded”? Speaking of moms and dads, this is an amazing resource for those trying to teach children. As Larry Richman explains, it includes “videos of Primary songs in American Sign Languages, children’s lesson helps, games, activities, and more. You can also find the text of magazine articles since 1971, with complete PDFs of the magazine starting from 2001.”

So take a moment to explore the new site, if possible, with a child or two in your lap!

Emily Warburton Jensen loves searching through the LDS blog world for developments and testimonies that best capture the ever-evolving LDS online experience. Email: [email protected]