Bill Sikes, Associated Press
FILE- In this Thursday, April 26, 2012, file photo, a sign advertises a pending residential real estate sale in Framingham, Mass., Thursday, April 26, 2012. A Self-Sufficiency program helped the Venegas buy their dream home.

YUMA, Ariz. — One family here conquered poverty and moved into their dream home after entering a government self-sufficiency program.

Luis and Laura Venegas’ daughter was undergoing medical treatment when they moved to Yuma, according to the Yuma Sun. The family’s finances took a turn when Luis lost his job and his wife couldn't find one.

The family’s income dropped from $40,000 to almost nothing.

The Venegases received helped from their church and they applied for public housing so they could stay near their daughter. The rent was free because Luis and Laura were unemployed.

Luis and Laura decided to join the Yuma County Housing Department’s Family Self-Sufficiency, a program that helps low-income families become economically independent through education, training, employment, childcare and housing.

Families in the program sign a five-year contract in which the family is obligated to deposit money into an escrow savings account every month, which is used in the purchase of homes.

Through the program, the Venegases were able to move into a four-bedroom home where they had room for their three children.

“We're grateful to the housing program for permitting us to be part of this project,” Luis said. “We started from zero and then we got stable jobs and we were able to come out of the program with our heads held high.”

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