Rick Bowmer, Associated Press
Job seekers standing in line during the Career Expo job fair in Portland, Ore. In March and April, less jobs were added than at the beginning of the year.

Has American's given up looking for work? According to the Christan Science Monitor, 350,000 have, after 115,000 net jobs were added in April.

Since President Obama took office, the unemployment rate has dropped to 8.1 percent this April, which is its all-time low. However, looking at the beginning of the year, many would see that the economy is actually slowing.

In January and February, 275,000 and 259,000 jobs had been added. However, only 154,000 net jobs were added in March and even less in April.

"March and April's results clearly raise questions, and given the numerous negatives confronting the economy, they cannot be simply dismissed as a hiccup in the data," writes Joshua Shapiro, an economist at MFR INC., a New York research firm.

This year's mild winter is one reason the job market has decreased, according to the Christian Science Monitor. Also, the revised official figures from the U.S. Labor Department indicating the addition of 115,000 new jobs in April should also be considered.