An artistic photo of the new Kansas City Temple.

Cabo Verde: A miracle of church growth that is the Republic of Cabo Verde is beautifully captured in a new Mormon Messages Video "Cabo Vere: Land of Light."

Former missionaries and current members testify of the gospel and of the wonderful events that led to the creation of a stake and the continuing growth of the church there — all against a backdrop of beautiful images of places around Cabo Verde.

I really loved this video and would love to see many others similar to it, highlighting places and testimonies from around the world.

KC Temple: In light of the Kansas City Temple cultural celebration and dedication held over the weekend, I decided to check in with the Kansas City Temple Chaser, a blogger who has followed the Kansas City Temple’s progress from the ground up, to get her latest view, which includes some absolutely incredible photos.

Check it out. Also, this blogger gives us an inside peek at the “Kansas City Temple Cultural Celebration.” Looks like it was marvelous for those in attendance.

Whitney Awards: I was delighted to see that among the 2011 Winners honored at this year’s Whitney Awards, “I Don’t Want to Kill You” was named Novel of the Year. I both reviewed it and found it to be one of my favorite books from last year. Hooray.

Click in to see the whole list of winners and congrats to all. Plus read what outgoing Whitney Awards President Josi Kilpack had to say in her gala speech.

Here’s a sampling: “Writers know the joys and glories and pain and agony of creation. The experience of that process is priceless on a personal level, and, as with Bishop Orson F. Whitney’s life, none of us knows the journey our lives may take. Our lives unfold one day, one word, one experience at a time and it is left to us to hone our craft and enjoy the ride we find ourselves upon.” Beautiful.

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