Christine Rappleye
"A Woman's Power" is by Fay A. Klingler.

"A WOMAN'S POWER: Threads that Bind Us to God," by Fay A. Klinger, Cedar Fort, $15.99, 144 pages (nf)

"A Woman's Power: Threads that Bind Us to God" is the newest release by Fay A. Klinger. Klinger may be best known for her many previous publications surrounding such topics as grandparenting and healing from broken family situations from a Mormon perspective.

"A Woman's Power" also incorporates much of her experience in these areas while turning its focus on women in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Her new book seems to be a group of thoughts she has about LDS doctrine as it applies to women. Basic gospel principles such as prayer, obedience, identity and patience are set in chapter form to lay out the foundations of the book.

Well-researched and cited, the writing in "A Woman's Power" is reminiscent of an excellent talk format. Klinger regularly includes her own personal experiences and thoughts, but the book is written in more of a researched commentary than a novella-type book.

As a book that is an inspiration for women struggling with challenges, Klinger fails to make that very clear in the introduction, even though she does briefly cite her own struggles.

Throughout the book, Klinger reviews some of her challenges, but the overall purpose of the book is not initially clear.

This new release would be a great resource for anyone looking for information about LDS women — specific scriptures or quotes. It would also be a great gift for someone looking for inspirational and uplifting stories for Mormon women.

Klinger has a gentle way of writing that is non-judgmental and makes the reader feel safe to examine own strengths and weaknesses along with the author.

The content in "A Woman's Power" is filled with great experiences and sincerity and is worth a review before this upcoming Mother’s Day.

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