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"Heaven Help Us! A Humorous Look at Surviving Womanhood" is a book by Kari J. Rich.

"HEAVEN HELP US! A Humorous Look at Womanhood," by Kari J. Rich, Covenant Communications, $11.99, 131 pages (nf)

Imagine for a moment all the crazy adventures you have experienced as a mom raising your children. Remember the time when you embarrassed your kids in public? Or how about the time when you seemed to be the only one who has lost control of your children at a church function? Or how about the time when you served as a young women’s leader or a den mother? Or what about the day when your child broke out with the chicken pox for the first time?

Kari J. Rich shares these adventures that come with motherhood and more in her newest book “Heaven Help Us: A Humorous Look at Womanhood.”

“Heaven Help Us” is filled with multiple short essays that provide insight into the real world of womanhood and the crazy adventures that occur. Each separate essay is centered on a specific topic ranging from traditions at the annual family Thanksgiving dinner to the time when she tried another diet in an attempt to regain the beauty of her youth, or from the time when she served in the PTA to the time when she became her ward's Young Women camp director.

Rich writes with humor and wit as she tries to explain the reality of everyday life as a woman, accompanied by a little wisdom of what life is really about. So sit back and get ready to laugh as they join Rich while she describes her journey full of crazy predicaments and situations we all can relate to.

Lauren Zachary is a recent college graduate from Southern Utah University with an English degree. She works at a local city library while working towards obtaining a master's of library science.