RIVERTON — The Riverton City Council has adopted changes to an ordinance regarding detached accessory buildings such as garages and sheds, specifically regarding building materials and the height of the structures.

One of the more significant changes was to the section of the ordinance dealing with buildings smaller than 120 square feet, which includes small sheds. The previous ordinance required the same building materials and placement on property for small sheds as for large detached garages. The City Council adopted updated language that allows more flexibility on placement and building materials for accessory buildings smaller than 120 square feet.

Another change was to the maximum allowed height of accessory buildings. The maximum height for an accessory building was set at 20 feet for all lots smaller than 1 acre in size, and accessory buildings on those lots are now limited to a single story. The language regulating exterior building materials was also clarified, with the requirement that for buildings larger than 120 square feet, only materials used on the home can be used on the accessory building. The ordinance includes allowances for accessory buildings used for animals and other agricultural use.

The full text of the ordinance is available online, or at the Riverton City Planning Department. Residents can contact the Planning Department at 801-208-3141 with any questions or concerns regarding these changes.