A missionary cleaning up after a Texas raging storm tore into the mission president's home.

Life’s storms: “…however, the rain turned into loud pounding sounds. The wind howled fiercely. With growing concern, I got up and looked out a front window. I saw a river of water flowing down the street and through our front yard. Hailstones, solid pieces of ice the size of golf balls, were being furled horizontally at the house. I quickly backed away from the window and walked toward my husband's office. He met me in the entry way. We knew something big was happening outside. I turned and looked back to where I had been standing moments before, only to see broken glass, hail and leaves inside the home. The storm had totally broken out the windows of three of the rooms that face the front yard, including the office where my husband had just been sitting. We retreated to the back of the home and began to make phone calls to missionaries. It was nearly 9 p.m. and we wanted to confirm that everyone was safely at home. We feared for any missionaries that may still be out on bikes in the storm. We also wanted to warn them to stay away from their windows. To our relief, everyone was safe.” Whoa, what happens when a mission president and his wife in South Texas are “Hit by the storm”? Well a life lesson and opportunities for missionary service, of course! Click to see how they picked up the pieces and continued on (plus photos and a video of the storm's aftermath).

Coming up: This weekend is the annual LDStorymakers Conference, and if the writers’ blogs I read are any indication, it’s going to be fun-filled and exciting. Here is one writer’s description of the previous event: “Last year I was invited to be a presenter in addition to working with authors at the Boot Camp, which was great. Especially the Boot Camp. It's so great to work with emerging authors and see all the stories that are in other people's heads. And also, as coaches, we get to learn a thing or two. After all, just because you're published doesn't mean you're all-knowing. I'm not the best writer in the world. I'm just a storyteller who gets the job done with the skill I have at the moment. It's all any of us can do. Be our best in the moment.” LDStorymakers also coincides with the Whitney Awards and you’ll have to check back or follow the twitter feed #whitneyawards on Saturday night to see if any of your favorite LDS authors won.

Friday fun: What do you get when the Mormon Cartoonist combines a blockbuster movie opening with the upcoming Free Comic Book Day (on Saturday)? A bit of Friday fun giving homage to both. Enjoy!

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