KAYSVILLE — A number of residents on the west side of Kaysville are concerned about safety because of the lack of sidewalk along a stretch of road where their schoolchildren walk.

That's leading them to an unusual way of raising money for a sidewalk. “Poop-a-palooza” is scheduled for Friday night outside Centennial Junior High.

“We’ll put (a horse) in the middle of the field and then we just let the horse go and graze,” organizer Sara Thatcher explained. “Then wherever the horse poops, that’s the winner.”

A donation of $5 gets someone a piece of paper, which is placed on the field by organizers. The piece of paper closest to where the horse drops wins a grand prize of $500. Other prizes will be given away, and festivities will include a dunk tank for Centennial principal Aaron Hogge, Thatcher said.

Thatcher and other parents are trying to raise $31,000 to help pay for a sidewalk along a section of Angel Street. They’ve collected $9,000 to date. If they hit their mark, Thatcher said the city will match residents’ contribution and construct a sidewalk.

Parents said Wednesday they’re concerned about students traversing Angel Street as they go to and from the junior high and Snow Horse Elementary.

“It’s just a mad house — kids are walking in the streets,” Thatcher said.

More than 100 children use the road, parent Michelle Thomson estimated, and vehicle traffic is on the rise as more people move into the area.

“We moved here recently and one of our concerns was that our children be able to walk to school,” Thomson said. “There’s no question that we will have more children walking this pathway and sidewalks are going to be very important to the future of west Kaysville.”

The event Friday at Centennial Junior High is scheduled to run from 6 to 8 p.m.

Thatcher acknowledged if the horse has difficulty “taking care of business,” the event will end in a raffle for the prizes.

More information is available at www.fundafoot.blogspot.com.