Marc Weaver, Deseret News
Keltin Barney was stabbed eight times Thursday in a grocery store parking on in Salt Lake City. In Park City on April 30, 2012, he recalled what happened and how he was very thankful to the strangers that helped him.

SALT LAKE CITY — A victim of a stabbing at a Salt Lake City Smith's Marketplace on Thursday says he will never forget the kindness of strangers.

Keltin Barney went to the grocery store at 455 S. 500 East in Salt Lake City to buy a lock to go on a storage unit. But he was stabbed eight times before he had a chance to buy a lock.

At first a man had shoved him.

“It was when I looked down and I saw blood everywhere that I realized I had been stabbed," he said.

He knew he had to run, so he ran to an area where there were a lot of people. Stunned by the sight of Barney badly bleeding, passers-by jumped to help.

"People gathered around and got me to lay down, tried to calm me down a little bit, which I think probably helped a lot," Barney said.

He said he will always remember “how kind people were and how people actually really did care.”

Kiet Thanh Ly, 34, stabbed two people that day before being subdued by a bystander, police said. He faces two felony counts of attempted murder and four counts of aggravated assault.