SALT LAKE CITY — A Roosevelt woman has been charged with trespassing after she allegedly broke into a home to use the restroom.

Rossie Edmo, 27, was charged with criminal trespass, a class A misdemeanor, and criminal mischief, a class B misdemeanor, according to documents filed Tuesday in 3rd District Court.

A woman told police that she received a phone call from her daughter who told her there were people in their home. When the woman arrived, she found the front door had been forced open with damage to the door frame and another woman had locked herself in the bedroom. The homeowner told the woman to leave but she refused to open the door. When the homeowner told the woman she was calling police the woman fled from the home with two small children and left in a vehicle.

A police officer located and stopped the fleeing vehicle and identified Edmo inside. Edmo admitted to entering the home with her children and told the officer she did so because she needed to use the restroom, the charges state.

The homeowner's daughter told police that she saw two small children looking out of her mother's bedroom window when she arrived home from school. When she approached the home she saw that the door was slightly open but blocked with a couch.

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